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Charred building materials on floor next to toilet

Electrical Fire in Restaurant Navarre FL

This picture demonstrates an Electrical fire in a commercial bathroom, forcing the business to temporarily shut down. Luckily for them, they knew to call SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County to get them back in business in no time at all!

Employee using a carpet wand to clean carpet at business

Carpet Cleaning in Navarre FL

This Photo represents SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County's quarterly commercial carpet cleaning job performed in Navarre, FL for an office that has continual high traffic. They are adamant of their office always looking its best for their customers which is why they call us to help.

Charred building materials on floor of bathroom

Fire in Restaurant in Navarre FL

This was from a fire in a Local Restaurant in Navarre FL. There's was significant smoke and soot damage as well as structural damage to the building. We pride ourselves in making these disasters as stress free as possible. 

Ultrasonic equipment used to clean customer contents

Ultrasonic Cleaning SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County

Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean many different types of objects, including but not limited to Jewelry, electronics, car parts, household items. We mainly use it for cleaning your contents if you had the unfortunate even of a fire at your home or Business. Our goal is to make it "Like it never even happened"

Ceiling and insulation collapsed into Kitchen after Pipe Burst in Ceiling

Pipe Burst in Milton Florida

This is the aftermath of a pipe burst in the ceiling of this home while the family was away on vacation. No matter how extreme the damage we make disasters "Like it never even happened"

Ceiling Rafters showing no smoke or soot damage after Soda Blasting cleaning

Commercial Fire in Navarre FL

This is the results of our Soda Blasting cleaning to remove soot and smoke damage from the structure of this commercial building. When Disaster Strikes we make it "Like it never even happened"

Drying equipment directed at the ceiling

Water Damage Navarre Beach FL

In this condo a toilet supply line had burst in the unit above. The water travels along the path of least resistance which in this case was straight down to the unit below. Here we have drying equipment placed and directed at the ceiling to dry it. When disaster strikes we make it "Like it never even happened"

Drying equipment inside a house that is taken down to the Studs.

Water Damage in Milton FL

This is the aftermath of a pipe burst in the ceiling of this home while the family was away on vacation. We had to remove all building materials in the home due to the extreme amount of saturation and damage. We make disasters "Like it never even Happened"

Air Movers in Bathroom drying Vanity and Walls

Removing water is just the start.

Removing the water from your home is just the start. We next have to dry the structure of your home. We do that with Air movement and dehumidification of your home with air movers and dehumidifiers.

Toilet Supply Line Cause of Damage

Such small things can cause massive Damage

A common cause to water damage is Toilet Supply lines. For such a small item to have the ability to cause tons of damage to your home stinks. Always check your appliances for any signs malfunction. Don't worry though SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County is here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Ceiling Collapsed from storm damage

Storm Damage from Hurricane Michael

This is what can happen when your roof is damaged during a storm event. But don't you fret the professionals at SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County FL can make it "Like it never even happened."

Torn our Sheet rock After a Storm

Remove Materials that are non Salvageable.

The wall cavities must be cleaned of insulation and debris and then thoroughly dried with equipment to force rapid evaporation, thus mitigating on-going water damages. The materials are safely discarded by bagging them to keep the rest of the home clean and free of any potential contaminants.

Tarped roof after storm damage

Tarped Roof After Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was a devastating Cat 5 Hurricane. It caused exterior damage to most homes. The first step is to prevent anymore damage from being done to the interior of your home from a damaged roof. 

Soot damage on walls after kitchen fire.

Soot damage in Navarre FL

Here is a look at how soot can be outside where the fire started. This fire was a Kitchen fire but as you can see there is even soot on walls and ceilings outside of the kitchen. The Owner was blown away after everything was cleaned. #Likeitneverevenhappened

Fire Damage done to Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Fire in Navarre, FL

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Navarre FL when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage. The Owner was shocked at how quickly we were able to clean the soot from the walls, ceilings, and their Kitchen Contents.



SERVPRO & American Red Cross Sponsorship

Let us not forget those, that are dealing with the aftermath of Mother Nature this holiday season.

As a proud National Sponsor of the American Red Cross, we believe there’s more than one way to give this season. Help those in need of disaster relief by donating today.

Navarre Beach Open House Dec 15th

Broker to Broker Open House.

Thursday Dec 15th, 3-6 p.m.

Hors D'oevres & Door Prizes

SERVPRO Fall Festival 2016 Navarre, FL

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County 2016 Fall Festival.

Thanks to all who attended and made this event such a success!

So nice to see so many in Navarre come together for our local event.

Fire Damage Requires Specialized Equipment

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County Employees are IICRC certified and specialized in the Restoration Industry. Having the right Equipment and Training is crucial in the Restoration Industry.
Air Scrubbers are one of many different types of equipment used in restoring your home or business after o loss.
An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and/or chemicals from the air within a given area. These machines draw air in from the surrounding environment and pass it through a series of filters to remove contaminants. Used frequently for Mold & fire Damage jobs.

Two employees checking the tires on a SERVPRO Trailer.

Ready to Go!

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County crews making sure vehicles and equipment are maintained and ready to go at all times.

You never know when a disaster will strike, part of our job is to always be prepared to help our community when the need arises. 

#heretohelp #SERVPROofsantarosacounty

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County "like it never even happened".

two crew chiefs going over air quality test for Mold remediation.

Crew Chiefs, Navarre, FL

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County Crew Chiefs, John & Nick.

After a long day, crew chiefs pictured discussing substantially large commercial mold job. Air Quality tests have been completed by an industrial hygienist.

Crew chiefs reviewing the written protocol submitted and planning a call of action for remediation.

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County #heretohelp

Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County preparing to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew

Homes that incur flood damage due to storms quickly become contaminated due to the disruption of water purification and sewage disposal systems, overflowing of toxic waste sites, and dislodgement of chemicals previously stored above ground.

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County is trained to eradicate contaminants that have entered a home or business due to storm damage.



Water damage

Let SERVPRO make it "Like it never even happened".

Your SERVPRO Team!

We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible!

Water Fire Mold

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County has over 20 years of experience in the restoration industry.

Ultrasonic Machine

In our facility, we have an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Our ultrasonic machine helps to restore items that have been damaged by soot after a fire damage. If you need any assistance or have any questions, call us and we will help make it, "Like it never happened!"

In Navarre, FL? Be sure to stop in and say "Hi".

Our facility is always welcome to the community! We are here ready to answer any questions or concerns you have! Stop by or give us a call anytime! 850-939-4700

Proud member of Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce

SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County is a proud active member of The Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce.