Recent Before & After Photos

Office Storage Closet Surface Mold

This business has a storage closet they seldom went into. With the door being closed causing poor circulation of air and it being dark caused mold to grow on th... READ MORE

Water Leak in Office Kitchen Navarre FL

This business suffered a water damage from a leak in the water supply line on the sink. It started off slow and wasn't noticeable for a long while until it got ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Navarre Florida

At SERVPRO of Santa Rosa County we know how important revenue and productivity is to your business. When a fire damage emergency occurs on your commercial prope... READ MORE

Condo Water Damage Navarre Florida

This water damage didn't originate in this condo. The cause was from a unit 2 stories above this one in their bathroom. We placed equipment in the Kitchen with ... READ MORE

Water Damage Navarre Beach Florida

This water damage was caused by broken toilet supply line. The lower structure of the condo was saturated with water also leaking into the units below causing a... READ MORE

Removing Stains from Carpets

This customer reached out to us in a absolute panic. They were 100% sure this stain would never come out, but our crew surprised them using SERVPRO products and... READ MORE

Storm damage from Hurricane Michael

The owner of this home came home after Hurricane Michael's destruction to most of their roof either destroyed or the shingles has been removed from the wind tha... READ MORE

Storm damage from Broken Windows

This room sustained damage from debris breaking a window during Hurricane Michael. The room was fully saturated from the wind blowing water into the room. We fi... READ MORE

Are you fully prepared for a storm?

You should throw out all food, beverages and medicines that have been exposed to flood waters- even canned or sealed foods. When in doubt, throw it out! Emergen... READ MORE

Hurricane Michael Storm Damage

Hurricane Michael Ravaged the Panhandle area of Florida. Due to not having power for extended periods of time and areas being hard to reach initially most or al... READ MORE